"I had no expectations, other than hoping it didn't end our relationship.  We went further in a weekend than I expected in our whole life."

"We appreciated Tanya's support, keen observations, caring and extremely valuable offerings to help us when we were activated, estranged and stuck.  I think there is hope now and some break throughs.  I learned new information after 44 years together that surprised me and challenged my hopeless map of our situation.  Sincere thanks, Tanya.  Your work is so important in this world.  Thank you.  Thank you."

"I love the material, the steps, Tanya's kindness, wisdom and consideration."

"Facilitator was excellent.  Surroundings magnificent!  Copies of the slides would have been helpful.  We got as much as could be expected in 1 weekend."

"I found the tools to get the difficult conversations started and to begin to repair the old wounds to be the most useful part of this program.  I am grateful to get things started on the right track.  I couldn't have asked for a more kind, compassionate and knowledgeable therapist to run this couples retreat."

"I appreciated the openness and dedication of both Tanya and the participants.  I wish we had known about this program earlier.  The program was more than I expected.  Had no idea how much from birth to marriage that I brought to my marriage.  I would recommend this program to ANYONE who wants a secure and nurturing significant other in a relationship for life.  The location, facilitator and place were ideal.  Tanya is both extremely bright and talented but also funny, real and vulnerable at the same time. A joy to have in this work."

"Tanya is an amazing, caring, heartfelt facilitator who deeply knows and loves this work.  I am so grateful for her care and thorough approach.  It was a lot of content packed into two days and may be better to do over two weekends.  We feel closer than ever to each other and we feel that these are tools that we will be able to use and benefit from in our relationship for our whole future.  I LOVED the venue!"

"I appreciated the new of thinking/understanding attachment needs in relationships and how to recognize them in my spouse's actions/communications.  I would absolutely recommend this program to others (I intend to do so).  I really enjoyed [Tanya's] authenticity, transparency and heartfelt desire to be of service."

"I appreciated the pace and breaking heavy moments with funny lighthearted and times of sharing and asking questions.  We're off to a very strong start.  Glad we got follow-up exercises for home.  The fact that we as a couple were already in marriage counseling and familiar with "Hold Me Tight" and EFT was super helpful so maybe there should be more homework before the retreat weekend for people who are not as familiar with the model?"

"[At the end of the weekend], I remembered how much I loved my wife and I have a list of people I want to recommend this program to."

"The only thing I wish was done differently in this program is I wish we had done it sooner in our life.  We appreciated the superior facilitator (open, genuine, humorous)."

"Even though we came in on a high note with our relationship, we play 100% full out and the process allowed us to go deeper.  It had us get vulnerable and share the uncomfortable, which brought up the true love in a greater way.  So not only is this good for people needing help, but also for those that don't think they need help!"

"A lovely/exhausting/painful/transformative weekend.  Thank you!"

"Many unexpected conversations and connections happened.  We went to some dark and painful places, but had an experience of profound connection that neither of us saw coming -- kind of rocked us."

"It was a very relaxed and accepting space that was created, so that there was nothing in the way of going deeply into the exercises and conversations."

"It created a context and framework to have different conversations in a safe, non-threatening way."

"I really appreciated the extra effort Dr. Gamby made to work with us and help us through.  She was able to pull us out of the context and hurt feelings to help us make progress where so often we would have spun back up if we had been at home.  She has such a great heart and her generosity and caring were evident in her interactions with us. It was a worthwhile add to our vacation and helpful to have time away from our lives to work through things which are so often triggered.  I'm hopeful that we are on a more positive path.  "

"It helped heaps and I feel I have more tools to help our relationship succeed."

"I found the practical applications of the HMT program to be very useful.  I feel we can convert this into regular routines in our life at home.  I really liked the venue and the just-right distance for breakout couple work.  A huge plus was the place! I would recommend this program to others especially if traveling to Kaua'i and making a bigger trip out of it.  Seriously, being away from wherever home is amplifies a solid program."

"Dr. Gamby brought a solid professional approach, while staying approachable, funny and appropriately disclosive. A 10!"

"It is a step-by-step program to shift to  focus on a couple's process, to identify the stuck points and vulnerabilities and to increase the couple's sense of safety and security in the relationship.  We got to spend time together, relax, talk about our relationship.  We have a process to use in the future if we get stuck in a negative cycle of interaction.  It was a beautiful place to hold the workshop. The views and the grounds were gorgeous and facilitated intimate conversations with my husband. Thank you!"

"It forced us to have conversations we both avoid.  This makes it easier and less threatening to do on our own.  The goal is progress and we made some real strides and important revelations."

"We feel more connected for sure. Just spending time and talking to my partner was a great start.  Everyone needs an opportunity."

"I had no preconceived ideas but really enjoyed/needed the frank discussions that my partner and I were able to have - the self reflection that follows is I suppose the homework I'll have."

"Showing up and hearing a different way to do and think within my primary relationship. It was a wonderful reconnection."