Hold Me Tight® Retreat

Emotionally Focused Therapy


Hold Me Tight® is a relationship enrichment workshop developed by Dr. Susan Johnson. Dr. Johnson is an internationally recognized researcher and expert in couples therapy. Her approach, Emotionally Focused Couples Therapy (EFT), has been shown in studies to have some of the best results in the field, with 70-75% of couples moving from distress and unhappiness in their relationship to a place of deeper connection. EFT is one of the leading approaches in couples therapy with about 90% of couples reporting significant improvement. A substantial body of research recognizes EFT as the gold standard in couples treatment. The Hold Me Tight® workshop uses the principles of EFT in a condensed version to begin to move people towards increased connection and a healthier way to understand and manage their conflict.

*This is a workshop model and not appropriate for a couple in severe distress or a couple with active addiction issues.  Those couples would be better served in an individual treatment model.